Church Services Schedule

Christ Church is blessed to announce that our new Priest in charge, the Reverend Susan Carter, has joined us at last. Susan is eager to get to meet you and our community at large! Our current schedule of services is below. We do so hope you will join us this Sunday and be a part of our transformative experience.

People from any Christian denomination are welcome at our Church.  

Interim arrangements for COVID-19 restrictions  

There will be no services at the chapel until further notice.  Please continue to check on line for regular updates.  An online service will be held via ‘Zoom’ as per the schedule below.  

17 JanuarySusan+Online Service by Zoom
24 JanuarySusan+Online Service by Zoom,
followed by AGM
2 February
9 February

Details of how to connect can be found on church emails, the CCCF newsletter or by requesting information from  All are warmly welcomed to join us wherever you may be.  Recent zoom services can be found on our facebook page.   Disclaimer Please be advised that we sometimes record our services and post them on our Church Facebook account and/or in this page.